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Associate and full members sign a charter that includes TSARA’s principles and values. Associate membership is a prerequisite for full membership.

1. Candidates for associate member status

Candidates submit their applications to the TSARA secretariat in the following format  

  • a letter of application in their language,
  • attached to the signed charter and  
  • backed by a letter of sponsorship from at least one member of the initiative.  

The secretariat is responsible for examining the eligibility file, completing it with a courtesy translation, and then submitting it by e-mail to the members of the General Assembly (GA). In the absence of any reasoned objection from a member of the initiative after one month, the aforementioned application for associate membership is considered ratified and the updated list of associate members presented to the next GA for validation, following short presentations by the candidates.

2. Upgrade from associate to full member

An application, backed up by an account of involvement in TSARA, is sent to the secretariat. After examination, the secretariat mails eligible applications to all General Assembly members for approval. In the absence of duly motivated opposition from one or more members after one month, the application for full membership is adopted by consensus or by a 2/3 vote of the General Meeting, following short presentations by the candidates.